Vegan Thanksgiving in Seattle

  • Bamboo Garden Vegan Turkey Dinner for $16.95.
  • Cafe Flora Thanksgiving Dinner including gluten-free options. Price for adults is $65 and $25 for children.
  • Plum Bistro offering 3 dinner options including gluten-free option. Prices range $38-$45/pp. Also, offering Thanksgiving catering menu.

Vegan Meetups & Events

Raw Network of Washington Seattle Raw Food Meetup

Meetup will be at Jodee's, in Greenlake, for Raw & Asian Dinner.

Pierogies, Pierogies! Eastern European Vegan Cooking Class

Cooking Class will be on Whidbey Island. Fire and Earth Kitchen offers vegan, gluten-free and soy-free cooking classes at different locations and in your home. If you host the class in your home, it's free for you if there are a minimum of 8 participants.

Seattle Veg Happy Hour Meetup

Meetup will be at Araya's, in the University District.

Seattle Veggie Breakfast Club Meetup

Super Soups and Stews Vegan Cooking Class

Fire and Earth Kitchen is offering this cooking class in Maple Leaf.