Lightlife Vegan Products

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Lightlife makes a selection of vegan friendly alternative meat options. Not all of their products are vegan so look for the vegan icon on the package.

Lightlife’s Vegan Groceries
Gimme Lean Beef
Gimme Lean Breakfast Patties
Gimme Lean Sausage
Organic Fakin’ Bacon Smoky Tempeh Strips
Organic Flax Tempeh
Organic Garden Veggie Tempeh
Organic Soy Tempeh
Organic Three Grain Tempeh
Organic Wild Rice Tempeh
Smart Bacon
Smart Deli Bologna
Smart Deli Ham
Smart Deli Pepperoni
Smart Deli Turkey
Smart Dog Jumbos
Smart Dogs
Smart Ground Mexican
Smart Ground Original
Tofu Pups