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Help support vegan businesses. Let us know if you have a vegan business or know of a business that should be added. Please note that this list is to help connect people and is not a referral/recommendation list.

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Other Seattle Vegan Businesses

Vegan Beauty

rue Santé is an online store that sells vegan skin care products made in Seattle. They also do pop-ups around Seattle.

Vegan Health & Lifestyle Coach

Trimazing does health & lifestyle coaching and teaches vegan cooking classes. Health coaching is one-on-one and can be in person or online. They help people transition to whole food, plant-based vegan eating and lifestyle. Cooking classes are both individual and group classes, in person and online. Cindy Thompson is a PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) Food for Life instructor and a Harvard Medical School Culinary Coach. Learn more about Cindy and Trimazing on Trimazing’s website.

Vegan Personal Chef

Fire and Earth Kitchen provides vegan chef services.