Habesha Cafe

Habesha Café is a vegan friendly Eritrean and Ethiopian restaurant and market in Hillman City. They have a comprehensive, very vegan friendly menu.

Habesha Cafe has added plant-based vegan beef substitutes to their menu! Their plant-based beef menu items includes Habesha Plant-Based Beef Kitfo made with Mitmita, vegan butter, plant-based beef served with injera. The Habesha Plant-Based Beef Tibs is made with plant-based beef and includes one veggie side served with the house salad and injera. The Full Habesha Plant-Based Beef Vegan Combo is vegan and includes plant-based beef Tibs, Misir, Seasoned Yellow Split Peas, Shiro, Spinach and Collard Greens, Cabbage Potatoes and Carrots, Beets and Potatoes, Green Beans and Carrots, Habesha’s Sauce and is served with the house salad and injera.

Other vegan options include Vegan Combo, Matti Vegan Combo, The Full Habesha Vegan Combo, a Vegan Platter, and vegan sides.

Their menu includes a vegan Ful that’s egg free made with nutritional yeast instead Feta cheese. Find all their vegan options on their website. Their menu clearly shows what is vegan and can be made vegan.

Habesha Café was previously Amy’s Merkato.

5710 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118